Herr Bischoff

Trump is a Boy's Idea of a Man

Originally, I did not want to partake in any mention of Trump on my site. This opinion piece by Richard Cohen of the Washington Post however sums up what I feel is most repellant about him.

He is the winner who was supposed to lose. He is the bully in the fourth grade who never meets his match. He is the liar whose lies somehow don’t matter. He is the braggart who is never humbled.

No one but other bullies and opportunists (read: asshats) even want to be around such a guy. In a fictional American movie from the 80s (let’s call it Power Play), he’d be the absurdly wealthy bad guy who grabbed political power to further his own agenda (usually something involving more money, more power and some kind of world domination) but “gets what’s coming to him” in the final showdown. Given that he’s a show man, let’s see how real life plays this one out. We may just be past the introduction phase of the movie.