Herr Bischoff

All You Need to Know About Gun Violence Is Right Here

Here are two YouTube videos:

If you think this was scripted or the kids are manipulated into saying this, you need to reexamine your belief system. While you’re at it, check for traces of humanity left in you when you leave all your cynicism aside. You need to ask yourself what kind of person you have to be to not be able to tell apart raw, painful, human emotion from cold, calculated propaganda. How deaf and willfully ignorant you have to be to not listen to what is being said. How self-centered, to not be able to recognize that what’s asked here is more than reasonable. There’s zero rational justification for any private individual to have access to military-grade firepower, let alone own. No honest argument can be made for the right to bear arms in public.

The most positive outcome of this movement and the coverage it gets is to see how increasingly hysterical the NRA becomes. They are scared — for their power, their influence, their wealth — and it shows. The kids may be scared for their lives but they sure as hell are not scared of the NRA.