Herr Bischoff

Facebook is a Human-Skin-Eating Robot

The last Full Frontal with Samantha Bee episode painted a pretty accurate picture of Facebook:

“Facebook isn’t evil. Facebook is more like a robot that eats human skin. I mean, maybe that robot does amazing things like cure cancer or make thin mints and that is great. But it’s fueling those amazing things with human skin — and you can’t be surprised when a human skin eating robot starts skinning people. That’s what you built it to do. The only way to stop it from building skin traps is to either shut it down or fundamentally change the way it works. Also, no one cares that you built the skin bot in your fucking dorm room. So hey, you oatmeal-colored tadpole man, you better knock it off with the ‘Who, me? I’m just a cute little millenial’ shtick. You are one of the most powerful men in the world. You built this monster and it made you rich, it is your job to kill it. Get this shit under control before you ‘oopsie’ another genocide.”

Spot on. The only problem I see with this is she and her team are rambling about it but they still retain their Facebook presence. Using Facebook to subvert Facebook is the same as becoming part of the system trying to disrupt it from within — it doesn’t work. Complaining about the skin-eating robot while continuing to feed it does not either.