Herr Bischoff

My Top 5 Blocked Hosts

A couple of months ago, I re-purposed an old Raspberry Pi as a Pihole machine. Since then, a couple of hosts have emerged as being consistently blocked for either being Facebook, analytics or telemetry. All of which I’d rather not use or send data to. Without being cynical, it’s honestly quite shocking to see that a single Facebook host (graph.facebook.com) is responsible for more than half of all blocked DNS requests. I’m just surfing and using rather nerd-oriented media and resources. Still, Facebook comes up at the top. Despite Apple framing themselves as a privacy-oriented company, they make their applications phone home quite a bit too much for my comfort.

If you’d rather not set up a full Pihole installation or something similar, here’s the top 5 entries for your /etc/hosts file that should take care of them. graph.facebook.com xp.apple.com analytics.plex.tv e.crashlytics.com metrics.icloud.com