Herr Bischoff

Scratchpad for August 2 2020

Small Mailserver Best Current Practices: Very good compilation and useful to me since I run my own mail server. Also a grave reminder of how hard email is in 2020.

Installing Debian under FreeBSD’s bhyve is actually possible. Try this if you have issues with EFI booting.

The great climate migration has begun. This interactive presentation explores a dire topic that will soon be the most defining for most humans.

Vim as a Markdown editor contains some grade A Vim nerdery and I like it.

dotgit: More of a reminder to myself to check this out sometime. I’m using yadm for a long time but this looks like it’s even simpler.

Managing my dotfiles as a Git repository is possibly an even more elegant solution to manage dotfiles. No scripts, just Git.

Facebook hate-speech boycott had little effect on revenue. No surprises here. There’s more to firing a warning shot across Facebook’s bow than a boycott by a couple of large advertisers. Its core business is the enabling of all kinds of small advertisers. Otherwise, you wouldn’t see all those ads for phony, quack cures and other unpalatable stuff.

Is Joe Rogan right about young men and video games? A tad sensationalist but raises an interesting point with regard to the rather toxic environment that is inhabited by self-identified “gamers”.

A new ‘unpatchable’ exploit was allegedly found on Apple’s Secure Enclave chip. Not too much information on this yet but it’s intriguing. Reminds me of the checkm8 exploit that surfaced about a year ago.

macintosh.js further proves my long-held opinion that everything that can be written in JavaScript will eventually be written in JavaScript.

Attention is your scarcest resource. Interesting insights about work and focus inside. 100% agreed. Keep this in mind the next time you do something pointless, like use social media.

The world’s richest families are a stark reminder of wealth and power dynamics. Did you know that, on average, the Walton fortune grew by $3 million per hour over the past year? Sobering.