Herr Bischoff

Scratchpad for August 23 2020

Very little strictly technical content this week, also delayed by a day due to circumstances beyond my control.

Create Tag & Push Tag to Remote: Since Git’s syntax is insane for the most parts, it’s always good to have a reference how to do things.

The Social Media Problem offers some thoughts on why many people won’t change their minds (any more).

sd, the sed alternative is a great replacement for most sed actions, written in Rust. Also makes them very sane. I would love to see such tools added to the base install of free and open source operating systems.

Nim certainly looks interesting. The influx of new languages in the last ten years or so is unprecedented.

Words to avoid in educational writing with a great overview of the most egregious issues.

Dependency. Yeah, that’s about right.

An interview with Simon Kelley, the author of dnsmasq – a piece of software that is lightweight, stable and just a pleasure to use. I have this in use in my home setup and all my clients’ LANs.

How to Force Quit Apps on Apple Watch: Nice little detail I didn’t know yet.

Most “mandatory requirements” in corporations are imaginary. True, but what to do about it?

My first 5 minutes on a server; or, essential security for linux servers. From 2013 and Linux-only but still some good inspiration. I rediscovered this a couple of days ago after having it bookmarked for ages.

Apple Digital Masters: Studio-quality sound. For everyone. (PDF): Some interesting background information and even command-line examples for audio encoding.

‘Real’ programming is an elitist myth. Yes. Yes, it is. And I for one am fed up with bro-coders since when.

Chromium has an immense impact on root DNS traffic. Half of all root DNS requests are from a single browser of a single company that intercepts them to gather data. That’s the definition of wasteful and insane.

There’s no good reason to trust blockchain technology. Bruce Schneier sums it up.

TELETEXT BAD APPLE: Crazy demo scene stuff on vintage hardware. Impressive work.

What does Steve Bannon think? It amazes me how a person can both simultaneously promote rather sensible positions and be corrupt at the very core, meaning almost none of it.