Herr Bischoff

Scratchpad for August 9 2020

Installing FreeBSD on a Raspberry Pi
Some basics of how to do this. Nothing particularly special but good to have it in one place.
An Introduction to ZFS: A Place to Start
Nice, simple explainer of what ZFS is and how it works.
The Battle For The First Dune Game
Lots of interesting stuff here. The first Dune game throws me back to when I was a kid. One night in particular, the night before my family and I went on a vacation in Austria and had to get up early. I couldn’t sleep and decided to check out that game I had lying around but never got to playing. That game was Dune. I played for hours on end and just absorbed the story. The whole vacation, I couldn’t wait to get back and finish the game.
The UX of LEGO Interface Panels
Fantastic introduction to the concepts of user interface and user experience design.
Sen. Sanders proposes one-time tax that would cost Bezos $42.8 billion, Musk $27.5 billion
Of course this is not going to happen. It is so fundamentally counter to the current system that you cannot simply flick a switch and redistribute wealth. It would be temporary relief at best. It’s also a simplistic answer to a major and complex issue of wealth inequality in late-stage capitalism. That being said, if the current trend continues, eventually there will be a redistribution of wealth. We have the choice if this change is going to happen peacefully — or by knife and gun.
PHP - The Wrong Way
Despite being about PHP, its main observations apply to most modern software development practices.
Making Poverty Fashionable to Millennials
About “alternative lifestyles” and how poverty is repackaged and marketed as freedom. In a way, it’s voluntary doublespeak as a reaction to circumstance.
Really good man-in-the-middle web debugging proxy and a fully native macOS implementation at that. Very smooth experience with network integration as well.
SSH Tunnel - Local, Remote and Dynamic Port Forwarding
Useful compilation of examples with comprehensive explanations.
My Linux and Vim Notes
Lots and lots to unpack here.
Terminal UI for tshark. This is for you if you like Wireshark but like the terminal even more.
Finding file duplicates with fdupes on FreeBSD
Quick examples of an undervalued tool. Also available for macOS and can easily replace all the de-duplication software with fancy UIs.
My FreeBSD Laptop Build
The writing style leaves something to be desired but the overview of settings and commands are helpful. Also a reminder that this stuff should actually be automated by the OS installer.
W3C gives up on Progressive Web App privacy
Privacy is hard.
Paradox of tolerance
“Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance.”
The Cookie Website
Generate the recipe for your perfect cookie based on color, mouthfeel, surface texture, and thickness. You can adjust the recipe for the exact number of cookies you want to make.