Herr Bischoff

FreeBSD 13: Permanent 100% CPU Usage on One Core After Fresh Install

While setting up a client’s server I came across an annoying bug. After a successful installation, one of four cores was permanently spinning at 100% load.

As there was no visible process using that much resources, running top -aS revealed the system process responsible:

20 root          1 -16    -     0B    16K -        3   0:01 100.00% [rand_harvestq]

Additionally, I noticed an issue with the server hanging after successfully shutting down, never completing a reboot.

Searching the web for rand_harvestq revealed the following two FreeBSD bug tickets:

The server in question is indeed a virtual server using virtio drivers. There appears to be an issue with the Qemu Q35 chipset, which it uses, being a Hetzner CPX series cloud server. The issue has been reported to occur on the Vultr service as well.

The solution for the time being is blacklisting the kernel extension:

# /etc/rc.conf


Additionally, if you don’t want to restart immediately, you can unload the kernel extension:

kldunload virtio_random

After a reboot, the issue should disappear and reboots work reliably again.