Herr Bischoff

All Beginnings

Ever since reading Ruben Schade’s post about “starting a blog, and unoriginal ideas” the idea spooked around in my head.


I’ve always wanted to write more, but never did. I’ve always wanted to start but always considered anything I could possibly contribute to be too insignificant to even exist. Always. In case it’s not quite clear: yes, I do struggle with depression — my entire life in fact.

In an attempt to sort my messy and chaotic thoughts, I used to write. A kind of journal, just to put something into words, to record them somewhere, anywhere, to bring them into existence. Not expressly well written or thought-out, just what came to me when being in the moment. It became a sort of meditation for me. For some time now I have lost that connection to it. It used to be that putting words on paper with my hands, while living in an increasingly digital world, grounded me somehow. The experience is haptic and physical. I cannot seem to find a way back — and something inside me just don’t want to try harder.

Today, I took some time to clean up a Hugo template I threw together for a different project — which of course never went anywhere — and just started. Just like starting my first punk rock band way back when, when it used to be way more important to express whatever was going on inside of me than to care for correct execution. It just didn’t matter. What mattered was to do it, to put it out there, even if whatever happened never left the basement it came into being in. Maybe that’s the secret, not to care. Not to care if what you do is any good, not to care if you can do anything with it, if it has any discernible purpose at all. Just to care about creating, whatever it may be.

In any case, I’ll be looking over Alexey Guzey’s post about “Why You Should Start a Blog Right Now”.


Just trying The Most Dangerous Writing App alone was worth it. During the last five minutes, I possibly generated the rough outline of another post. I haven’t decided yet if I want to try to write every day or just once a week.


Anyway, here goes.

Please note that this used to be the introductory post for a retired parallel blog dedicated to writing. Its content is now merged with this one.