Herr Bischoff

First Blood

I was just thinking about when I first watched First Blood. I remember this scene vividly. It gets me every time, probably it speaks to the truth in a powerful way.


In the end, Rambo is a broken and traumatized child. Trautman is close to losing it as well. The shaking lip. Look at the end, when Rambo seeks to be held by Trautman and he slowly but reluctantly goes with it. Both Stallone and Richard Crenna act a superb scene.

It works on so many levels. Sadly, the fundamental structure enabling the absurdities Rambo struggles with, are very much still in place today — for real, not fictional. The only places where we experience camaraderie and reliability (without an ulterior agenda) appear to be well-run, privately financed mental hospitals and the military. The former being out of reach for most people and the latter largely leaving you in a void after your service. Which kind of says a lot about a civilization.