Herr Bischoff

Source Global Media Spam and Google

Today I received the first unsolicited marketing offer for this website. It’s from an outfit calling itself “Source Global Media”. The contact’s name is supposed to be “Lee”.

Hi there,

We are a Content Placement & Digital Marketing Agency based in the UK. We have more than 200 clients in different business verticals i.e. Business, Finance, Insurance, Technology, Health, Real-Estate, Sports, Online Gaming / Casino as well in other niche markets.

Whilst looking for opportunities, we came across your website herrbischoff.com.

Please let us know the pricing and options to place sponsored content on your website.

We can provide you with a high-quality piece of content, fitting your website audience. We’ll include citations and images, so as to make the content naturally resonate with your readers.

Furthermore, if you are interested in publishing sponsored content on websites/blogs owned by your company, please send us more details with the below info:

  • Website URLs
  • Pricing
  • Linking restrictions (Nofollow etc)
  • Any restrictions about the content or outgoing links

Let me know and we can get something started.


This is of course followed by a signature that is an image, which in turn is one giant tracking beacon. Scummy people will do scummy things, I guess.

The funny thing is that it promptly revealed itself to be part of a bulk mailing campaign using scraped address data. Why? Because it was sent to the spam trap address, located on my contact page: info.spam.trap@herrbischoff.com. I mean, the address even contains the words “spam trap”, along with instructions not to use it. How lazy can one be?

Of course, reporting this unsolicited commercial email is impossible because it originates from the Google Mail infrastructure. Google has decided to stop caring about outgoing spam long ago. All I can do is block the respective domains. I suggest you do the same.


As with the Advids spam operation, I wonder what it takes to get booted from Google Workspace nowadays.