Herr Bischoff

This Post Will Not Show Up in Bing Search Results

I’d recently written about the eventual inclusion of this site in Bing search results.


The results are hitherto in place, with a couple of notable exceptions. All content with regard to the Advids spam outfit is missing. Furthermore, all posts mentioning Bing are missing. They are detailing the various absurdities you face when dealing with them, attempting to get your long-running site to be included in search results.

I wouldn’t care at all if this affected Bing alone. This omission of search results affects all search engines using the Bing index, notably DuckDuckGo. Bing itself is close to irrelevant for internet searches. But suppressing critical voices has a quality that leaves a distinctly unpleasant aftertaste.

Even more damning evidence of the suppression of unflattering search results is when you try to find a post with the “bing” keyword on my site, using Bing itself:


Google search results look quite different:


Contrast that with the fact that I am decidedly critical of Google and their handling of spam in Gmail. It doesn’t prevent Google from including my posts in their search engine, even ranking the most critical one at #1.

I leave it up to the reader to decide what conclusions to draw from this.