Herr Bischoff

Merging Posts

Last year, I started a tiny little blog where I wrote whatever came to my mind at the time. At the time it made sense. As things progressed, I found the split between the two places to add more friction and mental overhead.

Today, I’m merging the posts from both blogs into this one. I’ll be writing non-technical posts in addition to the usual fare. I hope this is interesting to you, my RSS subscribers and visitors. I’m looking to create and write what I feel like. I don’t cater to a specific audience or create content as a hustle. I’m me, this is what occupies my thoughts and guides my actions. I feel we need more authenticity in a world increasingly dominated by algorithms and automated content creation.

There’s no guarantee, no posting schedule, no self-imposed commitment. I may write one post in a couple of months and then ten at a time. It may be a collection of bits and pieces or an essay-length introspection. For too long, I’ve had a limiter in my head: who could possibly be interested in what I have to share? There may in fact be no one or there may be many. That’s not the point. As a teen I used to play crappy music in a band, just for the hell of it. The point was creating for the sake of creating and finding an outlet for all of that crushing teenage angst. It needed to exist, simple as that. This is going to be the future approach here. It needs to exist, to be part of the world — no matter in what shape or form.

Plus, you won’t read any musings on organic tomato sauce or the latest sneakers here. What could happen though is me mentioning listening to a Miley Cyrus song after hearing it on a Family Guy episode. Like I’m doing right now. That’s being human for you.

There’s new content in the archive if you’re inclined to take a look.

Thanks for being a reader.