Herr Bischoff

Broadcast2World Spam Email

Like I started way back then with the Advids spam outfit, I’m reporting on particularly obnoxious attempts at unsolicited commercial email. Today, we have a specimen from Hector Williams of Broadcast2World:

Hi [NAME],

Just wondering if you received my previous emails?

It’s tough to remain true to the Science and Compliant yet keep it Simple, Engaging, and Inspiring for your audience.

We strategically add elements to grab attention right at the beginning of your video, retain it (we leverage 25+ proven techniques from Hollywood screenwriters), and end on an emotional high with an inspiring message and a strong CTA.

We handcraft animated videos (www.b2w.tv) to help you tell stories that simplify your message, skyrocket your engagement, and make your audience care.

Please can we schedule a quick meeting sometime this week whenever you’re free?

Hector Williams
Chief Storyteller at b2w.tv

On Monday, March 13, 2023 at 2:46 PM, Hector Williams <hector.williams@broadcast2world.us> wrote:

Hi Erin,

This is Hector Williams from Broadcast2World and I am personally reaching out to you again because I see a strong fit between irulan.net & Broadcast2World.

It’s difficult to truly connect with your audience especially when they cannot completely comprehend how your solution benefits them or makes their life easier.

That’s where Broadcast2World (www.b2w.tv) steps in with a team of experts in business, technology, and science storytelling, with proven experience in developing effective marketing videos to help you simplify your message, and build trust with your target audience.

Erin, please suggest a date/time that best suits your calendar.

All the best, Hector Williams Chief Storyteller at b2w.tv

On Tuesday, March 7, 2023 at 1:23 PM, Hector Williams <hector.williams@broadcast2world.us> wrote:

Hi Erin,

Video is the most powerful communication tool, yet most marketing videos are boring. What are most marketers missing?

What if you could give them goosebumps, engage them emotionally, communicate convincingly, and inspire them?

Our storytelling formula can turn your video into an engaging mini-movie that positions your offering as a magical gift.

Having created thousands of videos for companies like irulan.net, we have accumulated valuable experience in this field.

Erin, I would love to discuss how we have enabled some of the best brands in your space to garner thought leadership.

Please let’s schedule a meeting at a time of your convenience.

Hector Williams
Broadcast2World Inc
371 Hoes Lane, Suite 200
Piscataway, New Jersey - 08854
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I love everything about this.

The clumsy attempt at making this look like this person tried to get in touch several times already. The gobbledygook about science and compliance. The self-appointed title of “chief storyteller”. The touch of “personally” reaching out to me makes me feel very special indeed.

Well, as always, I didn’t have any prior contact to this person or the company. I’m not running a business website. The domain name mentioned is one I haven’t used in years. The email was sent to a person that doesn’t exist and was caught by a catch-all alias.

Here’s the domain names to block:


They have also been added to my spam list that’s free for all to use: