Herr Bischoff

FreeBSD WiFi Card Driver via Virtualised Linux

WiFi card support in FreeBSD has always been and still is abysmal when compared to most other operating systems. I’m not entirely sure why that is. It probably has something to do with binary blobs and the BSD license and/or some vendor-related nonsense.

Queue Wifibox:


Wifibox deploys a Linux guest to drive a wireless networking card on the FreeBSD host system with the help of PCI pass-through. There have been guides on the Internet to suggest the use of such techniques to improve the wireless networking experience on FreeBSD, of which Wifibox tries to implement as a single easy-to-use software package.

I’m in awe. It impresses and horrifies me at the same time. Running a full virtualised instance of one OS inside of another just to get a wireless card to work got to be next level… well, whatever it is.