Herr Bischoff

Music Monday #1

I’ve spent the past week working outside, breaking down the wooden deck in front of my parents’ house and preparing the ground for a rebuild. Being subjected to radio music at every coffee break (which is something I never do, listening to radio that is), a single song stuck with me: TRUSTFALL by P!nk. I kept imagining it as a slow, sad song. The fact that’s arranged as a dance floor banger doesn’t detract anything for me, it actually adds a weird emotional dimension. I like perfectly produced pop songs and always have. Great music is not dependent on genre. The entire album sounds appealing to my ears — an emotional cross between radio pop hooks and pop-punk melodies.

Anyway, this prompted me to start a new series of posts called “Music Monday”. This is the first one. More than likely the name is taken from somewhere else, I most definitively did not come up with it myself. Like everything else here, it may appear regularly – or not. It may be called something else. I’m just going to share music that resonates with me at that particular moment.