Herr Bischoff

Save the Males

Masculinity in the 21st century is a topic worthy of several posts that I haven’t come around to writing yet. It’s an important topic. It has to do with gender equality, identity and by extension in which kind of a world we want to live in.

Men increasingly don’t know where to fit in, have their classic roles questioned and get ignored and belittled by so-called feminists and minority groups alike for whining while being the most privileged group of all. This is to the detriment of all.

Laura Jedeed has written a three-part series of articles on the subject, offering the most nuanced, realistic and wholesome assessment I have come across to date.

I agree with the entire piece, the author’s conclusions and positions. We don’t need masculinism as a counterpart to feminism but comprehensive gender equality. Each individual incorporates both parts, to different degrees. Therefore both parts need to see the same recognition for the whole to become healthy.