Herr Bischoff

A New Look

The old site got a little stale and the Nord theme, as well as all dark color schemes, do not appeal to me any more. I spent the last couple of days cleaning house and simplifying a simple site even more.

Instead of using a CSS framework, even a simple one, I wrote every line from scratch. No matter how simple some of them are, I always found myself overwriting some default within minutes. Unless I finally had enough, threw all existing CSS out and worked my way from there — a liberating experience in minimalism. Much like the days past of creating for the web without any frameworks and JS bloat, when you actually wrote the markup and styles by hand.

I tried my best for the moment to get as reductive as possible without breaking things and playing code golf. I don’t enjoy that. I do enjoy the readability and contrast of this new appearance quite a bit, especially when you’re visiting from a Mac. Like before, this site exclusively uses system fonts, nothing added.

It looks slightly different depending on the OS you’re using. This is intentional, as the OS default fonts are usually optimised for display in their respective contexts.

Let me know if you have comments.