Herr Bischoff

macOS Ventura: How to Login Without Mouse or Trackpad

My main pointing device is a Logitech MX Vertical, connected via Bluetooth. This renders it unusable at login time, especially when FileVault encryption is active. Yet you seemingly need a mouse to select the user account you wish to log in with.

This frustrated me to no end until I tried entering the first character of my user name. When you do that, the account name gets highlighted and you can press Enter to select. Once highlighted, the arrow keys work to select other users if present.

This behaviour is completely non-discoverable. One would expect to be able to toggle between account names by pressing Tab. Once again an example for something Ventura broke in subtle ways. Apple really wants you to use a mouse or USB pointer device.

You can also change to a more traditional login form by setting System Settings > Lock Screen > When Switching User > Login window shows to Name and password. This of course only works when switching users, not on initial login and certainly not when using FileVault.

Speaking of System Settings: they continue to frustrate me, with no relief in sight. Sometimes I wonder if my next laptop is still going to carry an Apple logo. Then I remember that the grass on the other side comes with its own distinct set of creepy-crawly insects. Still, Apple is steadily losing the plot.