Herr Bischoff

Vim/Neovim: How to Write a File and Quit Even Quicker

Blatantly ripping off Ruben Schade’s post category of things you already know, unless you don’t, I share with you a way to quickly close Vim. I’ve been a Vim user for what … ten years now and just found out about this neat key binding a couple of days before.

Every Vim user is intimately familiar with the ex commands :q, :qa, :wq, :wqa and their exclamation mark variants. What I didn’t know is that while in normal mode, you can simply use ZQ and ZZ to quit without writing and quit with writing if changes were made respectively. See what :h ZZ has to say about this:

ZZ     Write current file, if modified, and close the current
       window (same as ":x").
       If there are several windows for the current file,
       only the current window is closed.

ZQ     Quit without checking for changes (same as ":q!").

By the way, I wasn’t aware of :x either. I used to remap those commands to something like Alt-Q – but no more.