Herr Bischoff

GitHub, AI and Bullshit Peddlers

I have largely abandoned GitHub and similar services for years now. Today, it’s hard to find something that’s of high quality but not more of the same self-reinforcing corporate bull at the same time.

The recent statements regarding “AI” and the need for it, framed as “for the betterment of mankind” are laughable. Yet I’m fully prepared to believe the people uttering this actually believe the nonsense they’re exuding.

It’s almost like one part of their being is aware of the questionable gains at unreasonable risk to the social fabric of societies. They need to convince themselves they’re doing the right thing, that they’re doing heroic, selfless work. There’s probably no other way to keep yourself from waking up to a world where you are the one doing harm. Even bad people like to believe that what they’re doing is for good. The more meaningful (betterment of humanity), the more powerful the illusion.

We’re living in an age of unprecedented bullshit. The main difference is that that people spreading it are so full of it that they’ve started believing it themselves. I’d argue this is even more dangerous than using it as a strategic lie.