Herr Bischoff

Stuff I Work On

Most of the technical work I’ve done this far is private. Nevertheless, I have some bits and pieces to share that you may find useful.

Awesome Command Line Apps · Use your terminal shell to do awesome things. A curated list of noteworthy command-line application.

Awesome macOS Command Line · Use your macOS terminal shell to do awesome things. A curated list of macOS command-line usage.

IPBL · Automatically generated IP blocklist, gathered from systems I manage. Updated hourly, with extra care taken not to block network IPs of certain popular services. IPv4 and IPv6.

Herr Bischoff’s Bot Database · Manually curated and researched user agent reference with special focus on bots of all kind. Not very current at the moment.

Cheatsheets · Quick and dirty (read: effective) administration, including some rather obscure pieces of information.

Country IP Blocks · CIDR country-level IP data, straight from the Regional Internet Registries, updated hourly.

Screaming Liquid Tiger · Minimalistic podcast feed generator script for audiobooks, for use with Pocket Casts, Overcast and similar apps.